Unlike many other firms, we offer complete transparency by providing a fixed cost for any work upfront. Generally speaking our process is as follows;

  1. We will meet with you online or in person for an introductory meeting, to fact find and clarify the specifics of your situation. Ultimately this is to identify what you want to achieve.
  2. We will usually follow up this meeting with a series of questions to gather more background.
  3. We will go away and research potential solutions and come back to you with a proposal and a quote.
  4. After we agree to work together we will spend some time compiling a detailed, written report for you outlining the scenario and the step plan we propose.
  5. We will discuss the plan together in detail and step plan the filings with Revenue to complete the assignment. Often this involves liaising with other professionals on your behalf; solicitors, accountants etc.


We know managing taxes yourself can be a minefield, which is why it pays to seek tax advice from a seasoned professional who has supported people and businesses in your position many times before. Whether you have questions or are ready to get started, get in touch with us today via our contact form or by calling ::telephone::.